Custom Contacts in Sangoma Connect

Creating Contacts for Sangoma Connect

The purpose of this document is to detail the process of creating custom contacts for the Sangoma Connect softphone application.


1. Login to your User Control Panel (UCP) account

  • Username: Extension Number
  • Password: 1111 (default)


2. Navigate to the “plus” icon in the top left corner of your window


3. Click on the Contact option under the “Add Widget” window and then click the “plus” icon by the Contacts button.


4. A new Contacts window will appear directly under your call history table, click “Add Group” on the left side of the Contacts window.

    • Group Name: Set on your preference Example: Clients
    • Click Save Changes


5. Select the group on the left side of the Contacts window and then select “Add Contact”

6. Fill in the Name and number for the new contact

    • Click Save Changes


7. Once you have added the desired contacts, open the Sangoma Connect softphone and tap the Directory Icon.


8. Refresh your directory page by dragging your finger down your screen (top to bottom). Your new contacts should appear after the refresh.

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