User Control Panel Ver. 15

The User Control Panel (UCP) is designed to allow users to access several features of their phones. This includes checking call history and call recordings, adjusting speed dials and phone layout, setting up call forwarding and accessing voicemail features. If you do not have your access information for the UCP, please reach out to support at

  1.  Logging in to the UCP

    • Navigate to your UCP url. Example:
    • Username: Ext #
    • Password: 0000 (Default
  2. Setting up Call Forwarding

    • Once logged in to the UCP, click on the + icon in the top left corner of the window
    • In the Dashboard Widgets, select Call Forwarding
    • Right of the Call Forwarding button, you should see your name, click on + icon
    • This will add the Call Forwarding Widget to your home screen
    • You can setup call forwarding for 3 scenarios
      • Unconditional: always forward, your desk phone will not ring
      • Unavailable: after ringing, if there is no answer
      • Busy: if you are on the phone
    • Click on the appropriate box to enable call forwarding
    • You will then be prompted to enter in the call forwarding phone number (Example: 7047545000)
  3. Accessing Call History

    • In the Dashboard Widgets, select Call History
    • Select the desired extension by clicking the + associated to their name
    • You can search for specific calls by using the Search box in the top right hand corner of the call history window
  4. Device Management

    • In the Dashboard Widgets, select Device Management
    • Once the Device Management window is added, click on the Gear icon in the top right of that window
    • Once the Device Management Settings window is open, you can customize your speed-dials
    • Locate an Open Line Key (Open Line Keys will be blank under the Type drop down box)
    • For External destinations (outside company phone system):
      • Select Speeddial for Type
      • For Label, add the name of the destination
      • For Value, add the phone number, including area code
      • Select Account 1 for Account
    • For Internal destinations (inside company phone system):
      • Select BLF for Type
      • For Label, add the name of the person at the extension
      • For Value, add the extension number
      • Select Account 1 for Account
  5. Voicemail

    • In the Dashboard Widgets, select Voicemail
    • The Voicemail window defaults to the Inbox view
    • You will see all of your current voicemails in the table to the right where you can perform the following actions using the icons in the Controls column
      • Play voicemail
      • Download voicemail
      • Delete voicemail


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